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Krabi land for sale

Why you should visit Krabi

November 6the 2017

Krabi province in southern Thailand has its share of pristine beaches, rock formations, and a tranquil Muslim community where you can spend the night at a homestay.

15 year old Muslim girl raped in Krabi

Krabi rape case

November 7th 2017

A 15 year old Krabi girl was raped by her stepfather for five consecutive years.

The stepfather also forced her to get an abortion when he realised she was pregnant.

No reports however what happened to the evil stepfather...

Flash Flood in Krabi

Krabi hit by flash floods.

November 16th 2017

Some villages in Krabi province  were hit by flash floods on Tuesday evening following hours of heavy rains.

Luckily this does not happen often in Krabi, but he weather has been the worst for 30 years in the province.

Krabi run for kids

Krabi Run For Kids

November 16th 2017

Join us for the first annual, Sriphong Phukaoluan Foundation Krabi Run For Kids 10k / 5k Charity Race. All proceeds to be donated to the Sriphong Phukaoluan Foundation Benefiting the local community.

Facebook house rental Craigslist

Facebook is property hunting Craigslist

November 17th 2017

Facebook is now adding hundreds of thousands of house rentals to Marketplace with the aim of competing with Craigslist.

You can read more on our TEN Thai Estate Network blog about real estate in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand.

Murder in Koh Phangan Thailand

British man feared murdered in Koh Phangan

November 18th 2017

The British man Andrew is feared murdered when he went missing after the notorious Full Moon Party  on the island of Koh Phangan.

This is a strange story worth reading.

Bangkok condo for sale

Bangkok Condo Developers In Trouble

November 20th 2017

With the skyrocketing land prices in certain locations in Bangkok, Thailand, developers are scrambling to find plots to meet demand for premium condominiums.

Over the years we have seen the land prices in the capital of Thailand reach a level where only the super rich can afford to buy.

Luxury Sea View Pool Villa In Ao Nang

Concerns About Property Buyers' Wellbeing

November 27th 2017

15 researchers from Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Ltd. are now investigating all aspects of residential and commercial building standards for healthy and environmentally sensitive buildings, including offices, retail, and hospitality.
These researchers are compiling the best practices for buildings to improve the quality of life for Thailand residents and workers.

The researchers will also assist developers of residential and commercial buildings in Krabi to ensure the property buyers wellbeing.

Flooding in Thailand

It Is Never Boring Living In Thailand

November 29th 2017

Westerners love to visit or live permanently in Thailand, because is it never boring.
There is always something interesting going on in Ao Nang, Krabi, Bangkok or Phuket... 
At this very moment there is flooding in southern Thailand and this can be very existing for first time visitors to The Land Of Smiles (Or The Land Of Wet Feet :)

Thailand property developer

Thailand Developer Works With MIT About Greenhouse Gas

December 3rd 2017

Thailand property developer Magnolia Quality Development Corporation is cooperating with the world famous top university MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to cut greenhouse gas emissions from its construction projects in Thailand.

Thailand land for sale

Thailand Landowners Feel Pressured

December 5th 2017

The new Thailand land and buildings tax law is expected to come into force in January 2019, and it is pressuring landowners to either sell their vacant plots or start looking for partners to develop their land.

Krabi car crash

6 People Killed In Krabi Car Crash

December 7th 2017

On December 5 a pickup truck driving from Trang to Krabi lost control and rammed into an electric pole, killing all the passengers. 

The police and risk workers found 5 dead bodies inside the truck including a 1 year old baby. A 6th passenger was found outside of the car.

Drugs in Krabi

Drugs crackdown in Krabi worth 10 million THB

December 13th 2017

Krabi police arrested two men at a house in Ao Luek district with 48,000 amphetamine pills.

The 48,000 amphetamine pills were found wrapped in white bags and buried in the backyard of the two men's house.

Police also found other items, including a pistol, 3 mobile phones and a Toyota Fortuner car.

No More Condos In Bangkok

No More Condos In Bangkok

December 14th 2017

The Central Administrative Court rejected an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a Ratchadamri condo project in Bangkok.

Many residents complained that the 1.3 rai of land was one of the few places left in this area with green trees and green grass.

Thailand Smiling

Thailand Is Still Smiling After All These Years

December 19th 2017

Thailand has been a personal favorite of Forbes' journalist Ed Fuller's life, since he and his wife first visited in 1970 while they were on a rest from the war in Vietnam.

Back then, Bangkok was a smaller city and lacked much of the vibe of the metropolis it’s become over the nearly 5 decades since then.

But Thailand is still smiling :)

Thailand Land Property Tax

New Thailand Property And Land Tax Proposal

December 21st 2017

The National Legislative Assembly's (NLA) in Thailand has proposed cutting the Finance Ministry's proposed land and buildings tax's ceiling rates by 40% in many instances.

Chinese tourists

Chinese Tourists Can Ruin The Reputation Of Thailand

December 22nd 2017

Thailand fears that the millions of future Chinese tourists will cause overcrowded airports, epic traffic jams and littered beaches.
While Thailand plans to spend more than $5 billion to double capacity at its international airports, it’s planning to increase foreign tourist numbers at a similar pace, reaching 68 million in the next decade.

Thailand property market

Good tidings for Thailand real estate market

December 25th 2017

The Thai property market will be bright in 2018 based on Thailand's economic expansion, government spending on big-ticket infrastructure projects and the rise of ASEAN.

Krabi river trees

German Arrested In Krabi For Vandalism

December 28th 2017

50 year old German national Bernd Roehrich has been arrested and is awaiting trial for destroyed palm trees at a public garden close to Krabi River out of anger when his girlfriend left him.

Krabi Happy New Year

Happy New Year To All Our Clients

January 1st, 2018

We at Krabi Land House wish all our clients in Krabi Real Estate a Happy New Year 2018.

We look forward to welcome all new property buyers at our office in Ao Nang.

Thailand Property Development

Foreign Developers Continue To Build In Thailand

January 3rd, 2018

2017 recorded the largest investments in new property development projects in Thailand.

The total investments are more than 300 billion baht from both local and foreign investors.

Krabi cleaning lady

Krabi's Real Hero

January 7th, 2018

A 67 year old Krabi woman has been cleaning a kilometre of local street twice everyday for the past 5 years.

This lady brooms the streets in the morning and evening and cleans the sala on the side road of Phetchakasem Road in Klongtom District impressing the locals and setting a great example.

Chinese investment Thailand

Thailand Developer Expects 70% Increase In Chinese Investments in 2018.

January 12th, 2018

Chinese buyers are increasingly snapping up properties in Thailand for investment and personal purposes, since the are being priced out of their domestic Chinese market.

According to Sansiri their sales are likely to increase with 70% in 2018.

Fake goods in Thailand

Thailand And The Copy Brands

January 18th, 2018

Thailand is left out of America's recently published list of notorious trademark and brand infringing countries.

But you can still buy fake Rolex and fake brand name bags and jeans in the popular tourist destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, if that is what you are looking for.

Club Med Krabi

Club Med Opens New Resort In Krabi

January 21sh, 2018

The new Krabi Club Med will be located in Had Yao some 30 kilometres south of Krabi International Airport.

It is scheduled to open in 2021. This will for sure boost the area down there.

The property will offer 300 rooms in a range of categories along with a further 50 suites for the Exclusive Collection.

Krabi waste water

Krabi Palm Oil Plant Releasing Waste Water In Public Canal

January 24th, 2018

A privately owned palm oil plant in Krabi has been told to close its doors after releasing waste water into the public Bangsan Canal for the second time within a month.
The canal is a water source for local consumption, putting hundreds of households in danger.

UK Embassy Bangkok Thailand

Biggest Ever Real Estate Sale In Thailand Ever

February 1st, 2018

The United Kingdom has sold their Embassy in Bangkok at a stunning price of 19.8 Billion THB (19,800,000,000 THB).

This is said to be far the single most expensive real estate sale in the history of Thailand.

Railay Beach Krabi

Please STOP vandalising our beaches!

February 19th, 2018

Residents of Krabi ask that tourists visiting Railay Beach caves to stop etching messages and names into the rocks of the popular travel destination.